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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Totally Trivial Tuesday Q and A


Q: Facebook has 665 groups dedicated to the love of this cosmetic item. What is it?
A: Lip Balm

Q: 24% Of British People only do this Just Three Times A Year
A: Wash Their Sheets

--According to a new survey, nearly ONE in FOUR British people . . . or 24% overall . . . wash their sheets just THREE times a year. --If you're wondering, you should wash your sheets in hot water at LEAST once a month. And ideally, you should wash them once a week. That way you'll avoid a build-up of dead skin cells, and the dust mites that feed on them. Nasty, but true.

Q: a recent survey asked people when you were young ,"what did you want to be when you grew up?” what profession was the most popular answer?
# 1 a teacher
# 2 a nurse
# 3 professional athlete
# 4 police officer,
# 5 vet,
# 6 pilot / astronaut
# 7 doctor
# 8 lawyer,
# 9 musician
# 10 actor

Q: Three In Five Women Admit They have Tricked a Man Into doing this
A: Proposing

Q: in 1905 this beloved thing was accidentally invented by an eleven year old (many of us still enjoy these today)
A: Popsicle
In 1905, Frank Epperson, then 11 years old, left a stir stick in a mixture of powdered flavored soda and water out on the porch. That night, temperatures in San Francisco reached a record low. When Epperson woke the next morning, he discovered the drink had frozen to the stir stick, creating a fruit flavored 'icicle,' a treat he had named the Epsicle. Eighteen years later, in 1923, Epperson introduced the Epsicle to the public for the first time at an Alameda, California amusement park, Neptune Beach. In 1924, Epperson applied for a patent for his "frozen confectionery" called the Epsicle ice pop. He renamed it the Popsicle, allegedly at the insistence of his children. It was originally available in seven flavors and marketed as a "frozen drink on a stick." In 1925, Epperson sold the rights to the Popsicle to the Joe Lowe Company of New York. Good Humor, a subsidiary of Unilever, bought the rights in 1989.[citation needed]

Q. 29% of men surveyed say when a girls does this self-conscious thing it ruins the mood?
A. Refuse to let me see her with the lights on

28% Ask if she looks fat
27% Put down her body/sex skills
16% Hide her body with the sheet

Q: 67 percent of people admit to not recycling these
A: old cell phones - 1.5 million of these are sent into landfills in the UK alone last year


Q. An average guy does this four times a week in conversations. What is it?
A: Recites a famous movie line

Q: Open a freezer in the United States and there’s a one in six chance of finding this. What?
A: Money.

Q:According to a study - Once you begin, expect it to take about 25 minutes to finish this?
A: An Argument.

Q: According to a recent survey the number one thing forgotten by adults is where they put their keys. What is number two?
A: What they went to the store for.

Q: Apparently, the more of these a man has...the longer he will live. What is it?
A: wives … new research suggests that men who marry more than once tend to outlive their single-spouse counterparts, reports


Q: According to a recent study AMERICANS used 3.3 BILLION of these LAST YEAR:
A: coupons Americans redeemed 3.3 BILLION coupons last year. Overall, that's up 27% from 2008. (CNN)
(--If you're a coupon-clipper, here are some useful sites you may want to check out.)

Q: according to scientists this is the most common non-contagious disease in the world ... What is it?
A: Tooth decay! ( periodontal disease, such as gingivitis or inflammation of the gums.)

Q: 90% of kids will eat this, but only 10% of adults will. What is it?
A Snow

Q According to experts - women are more productive & creative when these are near by
A : Flowers!

Q: A recent survey asked Women “what makes you the happiest" - 51% said this:
A Sleep! (14% said being romantic, and 18% said food)

Q: Many automated phone systems are now designed to transfer you directly to an operator when this happens. What is it?

A: when you swear
Q: Approximately 10,000 people did this in front of the Christmas tree lain 2009- what is it?
A: Got engaged!


Q: The average person breaks three of these over the course of their lifetime. What is it?
A: An alarm clock!!

Q: 34% of people have used their cell phone to do this while on a date...
A: Flirt with someone else

Q: According to a recent survey, What is the #1 thing that will put you in a bad mood in the mornings? ...
A: Spilling food or drink on your clothes!

Q: 53% of men carry around a photo of this or keep it on their desk at work.
A: their car According to the book “When It Comes to Guys, What’s Normal?”

Q: This product has a life span of 10 years, yet 90% of them are rarely used after the first year ...
A: Treadmills!

Q: The average woman can do this for 47 hours...
A: Keep a secret!


Q: Something that most of us use everyday wasn't routinely used, daily, in the U.S. until WWII. What is it?
A: The toothbrush.

It wasn't until World War II, however, that the concept of
brushing teeth really caught on in the U.S., in part because it was part of
American soldiers' regular daily duty to clean their teeth. It was a practice
that they brought back to their home life after the conclusion of the

Q: 1 in 7 guys will shop for one of these in their lifetime.
A: A toupee

Q: 1 in 5 hiring managers use this to research job candidates... and a third of them reject the candidate after what they discover there
A: A social networking site like MySpace or Facebook

Q: 1/3 of women will undergo this cosmetic process at least once in their lifetime
A: Dye their hair blonde

Q: Guys are 28% more likely to have a heart attack on a day when this happens.
A: Their football team loses


Q) During the Holiday Shopping Season, 23% of people have done behind their mates back
A) Purchased a gift for an Ex.

Q...What group do you hear in this clue singing for a cereal (Rice Krispies)?
A... Rolling Stones Did you know that Mick, Keith and the rest of the Stones shilled for Kellogg's Rice Krispies back in 1964?

Q: If you divided these up between every man, woman and child in the whole world, each person would have about 55. What are they?
A: Lego blocks. There are 370-billion of them in existence.

Q: You'll find 6 of these in the average American kitchen. What are they?
A: Promotional coffee mugs.

Q. A long list of scientific and widely accepted studies show that people who do this have lower rates of heart disease and depression.
A. Volunteer. Source:

Totally Trivial Tuesday: 3/31/09
According to a recent study. the "happiest" name for a girl is JUDY what is the happiest name for a boy?
Answer: JOSHUA

Dr. David Holmes is a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University in England . . . and he claims a person's FIRST NAME has a direct impact on their HAPPINESS.
According to Dr. Holmes, names carry with them certain associations . . . either positive or negative . . . and our personalities are shaped based on those associations. Now, whether or not you buy into Dr. Holmes' logic is up to you. Either way, here's a look at the "happiest" and "unhappiest" male and female names . . . according to a recent study.
--The HAPPIEST MALE names are:
#5.) Barry#4.) Terry#3.) Matthew#2.) Jason#1.) Joshua
--The HAPPIEST FEMALE names are:#5.) Pat#4.) Pam#3.) Linda#2.) Stephanie#1.) Judy
--The UNHAPPIEST MALE names are:#5.) Owen#4.) Tim#3.) Edward#2.) Andrew#1.) Ben
--And the UNHAPPIEST FEMALE names are:#5.) Tara#4.) Amy#3.) Tina#2.) Charlotte#1.) Lynn (Daily Mail)
Q:Married people do this twice as often as single people:Answer: Apologize
Q. Women said in a survey that a message is the number one thing their guy can do to get them in the mood. What’s number 2?Answer: Draw a bath
Q. KIDS WHO DO THIS 5 TO 7 TIMES A WEEK ARE 67% MORE LIKELY TO GET A'S ON THEIR REPORT CARDS. Do WHAT? Answer: Eat dinner with their families.
Q. Outside of the bedroom – what’s the most popular place for people to do the deed? #9.) Bathtub #8.) Closet#7.) Stairs#6.) Washing machine#5.) Dining or kitchen table#4.) Shower#3.) Sofa#2.) Living room carpet
Answer: #1.) Kitchen counter (Daily Star)
Q. From what Disney movie would you find the characters Ursula and ScuttleAnswer: The little Mermaid
Q. It's estimated that 550 million of these are sold every year in the USA. That's one every 17 seconds. One what?ANSWER: Big Macs
Totally Trivial Tuesday: 3/24/09
Q: 94% of these carry traces of disease-causing bacteria. Answer: $1 bills
Q: Education being equal; women who do this, have salaries that are 20 - 30% higher than women who don'tAnswer: WEAR MAKE-UP
Q: A new poll finds that 97% of people aged 19-29 would give up their significant other & their car before they gave up this. Answer: Their cell phone respondents
A new Poll shows that twenty-something’s would ditch their spouses and do without a car in a heartbeat if they had to choose between having them or Internet access or a mobile phone, according to an industry study. In a survey by Bitkom around 84 percent of respondents aged 19-29 said they would rather do without their current partner or an automobile than forego their connection to the Web. Living without a mobile phone was also unthinkable for 97 percent of those questioned in that age range.
Q: (coffee is #1) This is the 2nd most recognized smell in America. What is it? Answer: Peanut Butter
Q: 1 IN 4 men believes this activity exists in heaven Answer: BASEBALL
Q: Which actor turned down the roles of Elliot Ness in The Untouchables, Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop, Tom Cruise's role in Rainman, Nick Nolte's part in 48 Hours and John Travolta's role in Pulp Fiction? Answer: Mickey Rourke

Totally Trivial Tuesday: 3/10/09
Q. The most important development of the 20th century for women's liberation was this inventionAnswer: THE WASHING MACHINE???
Last Sunday was International Women's Day & in honor of the occasion, the Vatican's unofficial newspaper, "l'Osservatore Romano", ran an op-ed piece identifying the invention of the WASHING MACHINE as the single most important development of the 20th century . . . for women's liberation. (???)
Q. This Person was voted the celebrity who'd be the biggest DOWNER at a party.Answer: DANNY BONADUCE
He was followed by Parasite Hilton, Moby, Corey Feldman, Jeff Goldblum and (Guns N' Roses drummer) Steven Adler. Q. Twice as many men as women have done THIS on a first date.Answer: SAY "I LOVE YOU"
Q. According to a new study, 4% of men are not aware that they have one of these.Answer: A child
Q. This actor was cast as the original voice of Shrek, and had even recorded some of the dialogue before he died.Answer: Chris Farley
Q. In a recent poll 83,000 Voted George Clooney the dude guys would most like to party with … who came in in 2nd place?Answer : OWEN WILSON
#3 Michael Phelps, #4 Jay-Z, #5 Jeremy Piven #6 Joaquin Phoenix.

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