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Monday, March 8, 2010

March 2010

If you haven't been watching the first couple of episodes of Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" on ABC, start watching*.

*Check out clip 102 in which Jamie starts dissecting a chicken showing them the different parts of a chicken people eat. He cuts off the breasts, the wings, and the legs. He then take all the leftovers which includes bones, tissue, skin, giblets, and other left over parts, then blends them up in a blender. All the kids seemed grossed out. He mixes it up with flavoring and stabilizer. He then cuts out some patties, sprinkles them with breadcrumbs and starts frying them. This is not how chicken nuggets are made, but it's an experiment that has always worked for Jamie. He asks the kids who would still eat that, and all the kids raise their hands. The look on Jamie's face is full of shock, disgust, and disappointment. He then asks the kids if they think that's good for them or bad for them, and they all answer bad. Jamie asks them why they would eat that, and they respond because they are hungry.


Here's a photo of Luke & what is now refereed to as the "Prune Incident"

Tori says I should get the "ShamWow" for clean up - She finnally broke down and bought a box and says "every household should have them - they work great and cut down on waste."

So, In this weeks installment of "Trace & Tori will Try it" The ShamWow gets a big fat 2 thumbs up from Ms. Tori Signal.


Q: 75% of men say theirs is much better than their wives. What is it?
A: Sense of humor!

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q:According to a recent survey, married men do this twice as much as single men?
A: Change their underwear

Q A recent survey of 1000 moms found they would trust this celebrity more than any other to drive their kids to school. Who is the celebrity? A: Tom Hanks

Q:Aside from steal something About 1/3 of all incarcerated burglars say they did this while they were in the house. What is it?
A: They went through photo albums

Q: In a recent survey “Not using your turn signals while driving” topped the list of bad car Etiquette what was #2?
10. "Nudging" pedestrians - when they cross the street too damn slow, so you inch toward them to make them move faster.
9. Tailgating
8. Driving too slow
7. Double parking
6. Leaving your brights on
5. Not letting other cars merge
4. Honking at traffic lights
3. "Sharing" your music with everyone around you to show how great your taste in music is.
2. Not cleaning your car out
1. Not using your turn signals


SPECIAL THANKS TO COMEDIAN JEFF GARCIA, FOR STOPPING BY THIS MORNING - YOU CRACK ME UP!!! You can catch Jeff this weekend at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club.

The Top 10 Most Offensive TV Shows Ever . . .

#1.) "South Park", Comedy Central (1997 - present)

#2.) "Chappelle's Show", Comedy Central (2003 - 2006)

#3.) "The Jerry Springer Show", syndicated (1991 - present)

#4.) "Family Guy", Fox (1999 - 2001 and 2005 - present)

#5.) "Da Ali G Show", HBO (2003 - 2006)

#6.) "In Living Color", Fox (1990 - 1994)

#7.) "All in the Family", CBS (1971 - 1979)
-For those of you too young to remember "All in the Family", here's what the website says about it . . . 'All in the Family' featured one of the most ignorant and bigoted characters in television history . . . Archie Bunker. [It] dealt with topics unsuitable for network TV at the time like homosexuality, rape, and miscarriage."

#8.) "Married with Children", Fox (1987 - 1997)

#9.) "Soap", ABC (1977 - 1981)
--"Soap" is another old one. The website says, quote, "'Soap' was a late 70s sitcom that parodied daytime soap operas. [It dealt] with taboo subjects rarely seen on TV at the time like homosexuality, interracial marriage, and infidelity. "The show is credited as being one of the first prime-time TV series to include a gay character." (--Jodie Dallas, who was played by BILLY CRYSTAL.)

#10.) "Jackass", MTV (2000 - 2002)

Happy St. Patricks Day

This is why people love Sandra Bullock

Need to kick someone to the curb - but dont want to get your hands dirty?

A 35-year-old guy named Bradley Laborman started a new business called
The concept is simple: People pay Bradley $10 to call their boyfriend or girlfriend and end the relationship on their behalf. Then he posts the "best" breakup calls on his website. He says his clients are mostly college students, and mostly women dumping guys. He also says he'll do your dirty work for you even if you're in the wrong, because then he's just highlighting how much of an idiot you are for using his service.

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