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Friday, September 3, 2010


Check out the top 3 Most Popular Viral Ads of all time
Number 3 Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

#2 - Evian Roller Babies

and the #1 Viral Ad is..... BlendTec


TTT 09/28
Q. worldwide people spend over 700 billion minutes per month doing this. What is it?
A. Facebook

Over 500 million active users who have returned to the site in the last 30 days.If you add up all the people involved in this it would be the fifth largest country in the world. 1 in 3 American women between the ages of 18 and 34 check their FB first thing every morning.

Q. Friday is the most common day for this to happen but regardless of the day it generally happens between 9 and 11am. What’s going on?
A. Bank robberies!
Surprisingly, bank robberies have been down almost 20% during The Great Recession. California is the bank robbery capital of the U.S
Some banks have implemented a sophisticated measure in an effort to catch bank robbers. Banks give robbers cash that has a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device which allows law enforcement to track the robbers with a lap top computers from their vehicles.


Q. A ccording to a recent survey - one in three men felt, , "frightened" when their wife or girlfriend was driving. What was their #1 complaint?

A. The biggest complaint men had: Lack of concentration/ distracted. They think that women are distracted too easily by children, scenery, or other drivers.

#2.) Braking too late. Ladies, you know when your guy is worried about this one. It's when he's pushing his foot down into the floormat and pressing against an imaginary brake.

#3.) Tapping the accelerator. In other words, hitting the accelerator inconsistently, which gives the ride a stop-and-start feel.

#4.) Drifting toward the shoulder. Guys don't like it when you let the car drift from side to side in a lane, instead of keeping it in a straight line. Especially if you drift all the way over to the side of the road, and hit those ridges on the shoulder.

#5.) Getting too close to other cars before passing them.

#6.) Braking too hard.

#7.) Fiddling with the stereo.

#8.) Failure to indicate.

#9.) Going too fast.

#10.) Staying in the middle lane / Not trying to pass.

Q. according to Mens Health 65% of men taught themselves to do this. What it is?
A: Shave

Q. Who is the largest advertiser in the yellow pages?

Q. The Average Woman Spends $24,700 On this in her lifetime
A. Shoes (370 a year for 67 years)
The average woman currently owns about 19 pairs of shoes: Three pairs with heels . . . six pairs of flip-flops, sandals, or wedges . . . three pairs of boots . . . two pairs for work . . . four for nights out . . . and another one or two "random" purchases.

The average woman spends $24,700 on 469 pairs of shoes in the course of a lifetime. --That's seven pairs of shoes a year . . . for 67 years . . . at an average cost of $53 a pair . . . or $370 a year. Check out some of the other results . . .
Four in ten women say they judge another woman by the shoes she has on.


Similac Baby Formula Recall 2010 – Beetles Tainted Lot Numbers – Earlier this week Similac caused controversy when they recalled more than 5 million units ...

See if your Similac powder infant formula is affected by the recall by entering the lot number. Find out how to return your product here...


Sesame Street: Katy Perry Song: Hot and Cold


TTT 9/21/10
Q. People who play this game live 5 years longer, on average, than people who don't. What is the game?
A. Golf

Q. The number of these in the US are going down. In 2002 there were 121,446 but in 2008 There were 115,223 of these in the US today that number is even lower What are they ?
A. Gas Stations

Q. Whats on your Bucketlist? In a recent survey this activity tops the list for men.
A. Drive a race car. FYI 24% of women said they’d also like to strap on a helmet and put the pedal to the metal before they die.

Q:After the U.S., who is the largest consumer of McDonald’s in the world?
A: France! Yes, the biggest food snobs on the planet love their Le Big Mac almost as much as we do. There’s even a McD’s at The Louvre
The McDonald's on Champs-Elysees is the most profitable in the world,

Q: Almost everyone uses one of these every day at work. It's lifespan is about 3 years. What is it?
A: A mousepad

Thank you Author Todd Jensen for joining us this morning to share his book On Gratitude.
ON GRATITUDE is a book for everyone, no matter their age, color, creed, or where they are on their spiritual path. For readers already spiritually attuned, the book is rich with affirmations, illuminating anecdotes, fresh insights, and great candor with which one might continue one's journey. For the rest of us, ON GRATITUDE is a perfect place to start, a star-studded, conversational primer on how living a life of gratitude, even in our darkest hours, is essential.


Women were polled as to what makes a man sexy and this was the runaway No. 1 answer with 61% of the respondents placing it first on their list.
Answer: Intelligence

Q: A recent survey of men asked what is the oldest thing they own. What is it?
A: a baseball glove

Woman in this occupation marry more millions than woman in other jobs…. What occupation?
A: Teachers! the #1 occupation of women who marry millionaires?

Q. In The latest 100 worst songs of all time list the top honors went to "Jersey Shore" moron DJ PAULY D for his song "(It's Time to) Beat Dat Beat". What song was voted the 2nd worst song in history?
A. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was #2.
--Here's the Top 10:
#1.) "(It's Time to) Beat Dat Beat", DJ PAULY D
#2.) "Who Let the Dogs Out", BAHA MEN
#3.) "Ice Ice Baby", VANILLA ICE
#4.) "She Bangs", RICKY MARTIN
#5.) "Barbie Girl", AQUA
#6.) "U Can't Touch This", MC HAMMER
#7.) "I Am Woman", HELEN REDDY
#8.) "I'm Too Sexy", RIGHT SAID FRED
#9.) "Ebony and Ivory", PAUL MCCARTNEY and STEVIE WONDER
#10.) "Macarena", LOS DEL RIO

Based on costume sales online and around the country, it seems that this Halloween, the trend for women who want to dress SEXY is . . . "Sesame Street" costumes.
--Seriously. The are versions of Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo that are selling like crazy.


Would your office like a visit from The Bagel Fairy?
Enter to win; send an email – Tell her where you work, what time you get there, your work address & Phone number. Each Friday Trace will draw a winner! On the following Monday morning, our winner will receive a dozen bagels & spread, courtesy of the Savory CafĂ© & Bakery, delivered by the bagel Fairy.


Thanks to Larry Miller for being on the show this week! Check him out at The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club this week or go to his website


Want to meet Robert Pattinson or/ and Taylor Lautner? I've got something you might be interested in . . .It's a visit to the Vancouver set of "Breaking Dawn". It's being auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds going to the Stand Up for Cancer charity.

--The auction doesn't end until September 17th check it out here


Q: It's a fact, every rise in the American divorce rate is matched by a rise in the sales of this. What?A: Toys.

Q: nearly a quarter of women have this in their glove box. What?A: underwear According to AAA

Q: 2 of these are sold every second worldwide, what? A: barbies

Q: According to a new survey The Average Person Spends About 50 Days Of Their Life doing this A: Having Sex
the average person spends a total of 49 days, 13 hours and 41 minutes having sexual relations in their lifetime.--That's based on the average sex session lasting 19.5 minutes.--Working backwards on their math, that means the average person has sex an average of 3,661 times in their life. Assuming you have 50 sexually active years, that comes out to sex 73 times per year, or about once every five days.

Q: Aside from president of the US, According to statistics this is the most dangerous Job in the US?#1.) Fisherman, 200 deaths per 100,000, median salary $23,600.
--Being a fisherman was by far the most dangerous job, with about 200 deaths for every 100,000 people on the job. Many of those deaths happen when they're fishing in cold weather and fall in the water or have their boats destroyed by storms.
#2.) Logger, 61.8 deaths per 100,000, median salary $34,400.
#3.) Airplane pilots, 51.7 deaths per 100,000, median salary $106,240.
#4.) Farmers and ranchers, 35.8 deaths per 100,000, median salary $32,350.
#5.) Roofers, 34.7 deaths per 100,000, median salary $33,970.
#6.) Ironworkers, 30.3 deaths per 100,000, median salary $44,500.
#7.) Sanitation worker, 25.2 deaths per 100,000, median salary $32,070.
#8.) Industrial machinist, 18.5 deaths per 100,000, median salary $39,600.
#9.) Truckers and drivers, 18.3 deaths per 100,000, median salary $37,730.
#10.) Construction laborer, 18.3 deaths per 100,000, median salary $29,150.


Special Thanks to my in studio guest Mark Eddie... who mad me laugh so hard a lil' drop of pee came out! Check him out at the Ventura Harbor Comedy club or

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