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Monday, December 6, 2010


Ring in the New Year with The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club

Call for Reservation Today!!!805-644-1500 or go to Ventura Harbor Comedy Club for more details.


How to Get More Bang For Your Gift Card Buck
Find out how to get more bang for your gift card buck with these smart shopping tips provided by consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch.

1. Read the fine print. Understand the card’s policies, including any fees or expiration dates and protect it like you would cash since most stores don’t offer refunds for lost or stolen cards. It’s wise to keep the receipt too so you can prove the card’s original balance.

2. Redeem gift cards wisely and plan out your purchase. Many people are quick to spend the entire gift card at once because they see it as money to spend, but this is a wasteful way to shop.

3. Shop after-holiday sales to save big on items like apparel, holiday decorations and electronics. January is a prime time to buy new TVs since retailers offer price cuts in time for Super Bowl and also a great time to find cheaper fitness products and gear since New Year resolution sales are common.

4. Wait for popular holiday sales like President’s Day to take advantage of deeply discounted prices. Likewise, end-of-season sales offer extra savings on seasonal apparel and merchandise.

5. Use online coupons to maximize savings. Aggregator sites like and offer thousands of online coupons and promotional codes for over 11,000 retailers like $7 off $70 at Target and $5 off $50 at Sears. *Apply these coupons on sale or clearance items to stretch your dollar further.

6. Re-gift gift cards for upcoming celebrations. Look ahead in 2011 and see what types of special events you have coming up to plan for those wisely. You might be able to re-gift a gift card or use the funds to buy a present.

7. Trade or sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Sites like Plastic Jungle buy unwanted gift cards at a discount depending on how popular the issuers are. It also sells discounted gift cards so a $100 Target card can be bought for $97. helps you find the lowest discounted gift card price from among several of these types of sites.

8. Don’t forget about your gift card! According to a recent survey, 27 percent of people have not redeemed gift cards from 2009 holiday season. A site called allows people to sign up and enter their gift card information. It then sends reminders about expiration dates or alerts if the retailer is showing signs of going bankrupt.


TTT 12/21/10
"Q. He first became a star in 1944, he is consider the best in his field, 3 of his projects have been nominated for Academy awards, in 1997 he was honored with a postage stamp.
ANSWER: Bugs Bunny

Q. Who was named the Greatest Movie Animal
(Bugs was #3, #2 Mickey Mouse and #1 Toto.)

Q. What was the Most Counterfeited Item of 2010

Q. This medical condition has affected more TV characters than any other illness in TV history.
Answer: Amnesia"


Over the past 69 years, the program has taken on a life of its own. Postal facilities in cities around the country today allow charitable organizations, major corporations, local businesses and individuals to adopt letters to Santa to make children’s holiday dreams come true from coast to coast.

Individuals and organizations interested in adopting a letter should go to a participating office and complete a participation form.
Be Santas Helper
Have a Star Wars fan on your Christmas List?

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If You Find This Guy a Wife, He'll Give You 5% of His Income . . . But Keep In Mind He's 38, Unemployed, and Breeds Hamsters

38-year-old Paul Gutierrez of Elgin, Illinois wants a wife. He wants one so bad that he's reached out
to the entire world to help him . . . and he's willing to pay you for your troubles. But it's not going to
be easy. Paul isn't the best looking dog at the pound . . . he accurately describes himself as a cross between Forrest Gump and Shrek. At 38, he's unemployed . . . has almost no dating experience . . . and as a hobby, he BREEDS HAMSTERS.
He also says that he spent 17 years in love with the woman who gave him his first kiss . . . even
though they never dated and she didn't really ever talk to him. And he lost his virginity to an escort.
But if you can find him a wife, he will sign legal documents offering you of his future income for5%
the entire length of the marriage. Paul says, quote, "Despite having a sense of humor about all of this, I'm completely sincere about my search for a wife and the price I'm willing to pay to find her."


TTT 12/07

Q Odds are 1/ 4 of you are wearing this today. What is it?
A. Something blue

Bringing in 6 mil in 2009 the Highest-Earning Reality TV Star is KIM KARDASHIAN,who is #2?

A. Lauren Conrad, $5 million: How is this possible? LC left "The Hills"a year ago and has been off the pseudo-celeb radar for the most part since. Apparently "writing" a best-selling young adult trilogy, the last installment of which was released in October, and a "style guide" pays pretty well. Her clothing line for Kohl's was also a success, and she has yet another reality show in the works. .

#3. Bethenny Frankel, $4 million
#4. Audrina Patridge, $3.5 million
#5. Kate Gosselin, $3.5 million
6. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, $3 million
7. Khloe Kardashian, $2.5 million
8. Kourtney Kardashian, $2.5 million
9. DJ Pauly D, $2 million
10. Kendra Wilkinson, $2 million

This car was recently named as the Least-Safe Cars of All Time
Answer: Pinto
Answer: Ford Pinto. It blew up during accidents. The gas tank was accidentally positioned so that it would EXPLODE even in a minor bumper-to-bumper accident.

#2.) Briggs & Stratton Flyer. This car came out in 1915 and didn't have doors, a windshield, or any kind of protection from impact.

#3.) Peel Trident. This car was tiny and offered pretty much no protection to the two people jammed inside.

#4.) 1960-63 Chevy Corvair. The engine released toxic fumes, and the steering wheel would IMPAIL people during crashes.

#5.) 1974-76 Bricklin SV-1. The body was made out of bonded acrylic and fiberglass, which couldn't handle the engine's heat . . . and BURNED its drivers.

#6.) 1985 Yugo GV. The cars would generally just start rattling and fall apart.

#7.) 2009 Smart Fortwo. It gets amazing mileage, but drivers were getting ejected during crashes where they were barely going 40 miles-per-hour.

#8.) 1984-88 Ford Mustang. These always ranked toward the top of the list for total DEATHS . . . people want to drive them fast, but they're not safe enough to handle crashes with those speeds and conditions.

#9.) 1984-88 Chevy Corvette. More people died in this model than any other car in HISTORY . . . people bought them, drove them recklessly, and crashed them.

#10.) 2009 Kia Rio. Even with modern safety standards, the car manufacturing was crappy enough that Kia Rios put a surprisingly high number of people in the hospital when they were rear-ended.

(Source: Auto Shippers)

Q 20 years ago this happened on average 20 times a month but in 2009 40% of us did it less than 20 times.

A: Write a check!


From the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalogue Here are some of the more interesting items in their Xmas catalogue:
* The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher, $29.95. Makes and launches softball-sized snowballs up to 50', allowing rapid, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations.
* The Magic Wand Remote Control, $89.95. Literally, a magic wand that can change channels, volume, or manage other controls on your electronic devices. Containing a motion-sensing device, that detects the hand's nuanced movements to translate 13 distinct gestures.
* The Remote Controlled Tarantula, $29.95. Battery powered, it scurries across flat surfaces like an actual arachnid, moving forwards and backwards on command. It has a hairy exterior, similar to the hairs that cover a tarantula
* The Room Tidying Pickup Robot, $69.95. This is the robot that picks up objects at your command and dumps them at your preferred location. You can guide it with a remote, or it can also operate autonomously using its four infrared "eyes" that seek and detect objects within its 8 - 12" sight range.

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