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Monday, October 24, 2011

There's a new book out called "The Book of Kink" that lists some of the world's strangest sexual fetishes.

Like formicophilia, which is wanting bugs to crawl on your genitals. YIKES!!!! Here are a few more you didn't know existed.

--Body inflation fetish is getting turned on by seeing yourself expand. People who have it enjoy wearing inflation devices under their clothing.

--Tamakeri is getting turned on by the special pain you feel after getting kicked in the package.

--If you get aroused by the thought of having sex with bread or raw dough, then you have a condition known as . . . yeastiality. (--We're calling B.S. on that one.)

--Someone with emetophilia likes watching other people vomit.

--And last but definitely not least: Eproctolagniacs are also known as flatulophiliacs. They like when people break wind in front of them.

(Creative Loafing)

(--You can order your own copy of "The Book of Kink" on Amazon or at Penguin.)

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