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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TTT 11/01/11

Today's TTT Question and Answers

Q. Marilyn Manson was Voted the “Creepiest celebrity” Who was 2nd?
A. Casey Anthony- the Florida woman acquitted in July of killing her baby. Anthony is closely followed by former football player O.J. Simpson, who was famously acquitted of murdering his ex-wife in 1995.

Q. Last week, police in Florida busted a 42-year-old woman for walking around with an open container of Colt 45. when they searched her, they found her crack pimp hidden inside her what?
A. Her hollowed out Bible!!!! She’s going to hell!

Q: The smell of Skunk, Dead Rat and a wet dog are among the worst odors --- What was voted the best scent/smell?
A: the scent of Freshly-baked bread is was voted the best smell, #2 freshly-cooked bacon and #3 newly-washed sheets

Q. According to a new survey Americans think the scariest job you can have is what?
A. a Bomb Squad Technician.

High-Rise Window Washer was second , armed forces finished third, followed by
miner and police officer.--Finishing surprisingly low were Alaskan crab
fishermen, which finished sixth despite "Deadliest Catch" . . . and firefighter,
which only finished eighth--That fear of public speaking is also why high-school
teacher was the ninth most-feared job, and comedian was twelfth.

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