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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday


Question: The last US car to offer this as standard equipment wasa 2010 Lexus, what was the equipment?
Answer: Tape deck/ Cassette player.

Question: In a recent study about fear, this was the only thing that more men admitted to being afraid than women. What?
Answer: Dentist

Question: According to a new survey released this month, THIS was voted the quickest way to ruin a date.

Answer: BAD BREATH has been voted the QUICKEST way to ruin a date. Bad manners and a lack of skill in bed tied for second

Question: You’ll Spend an Average of 44 Minutes a Week Thinking About Regrets what is the biggest regret people have?
#1.) Not having saved more money.
#2.) Not having worked harder at school.
#3.) Not having exercised more.
#4.) Not doing enough traveling or seeing the world.
#5.) Taking up smoking.
#6.) Not keeping in touch with people.
#7.) Not taking better care of your body when you were younger.
#8.) Not appreciating someone before they died.
#9.) Not taking more photographs growing up.
#10.) Getting married too early.

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