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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. 44% of men surveyed said that this is the first thing the that draws them to a woman. A. Her Hair (26% said clothes . . . 25% said legs . . . and only 4% said

Q: April 2nd is the biggest day of the year for people to do what on line? A: Change their relationship status to single on Facebook.
The next four dates with the highest ratio of new relationships are Christmas, Christmas Eve, the day after Valentine's Day . . . and April Fools' Day. A lot of those new April Fools' Day relationship changes are jokes, though. April 2nd has THE highest ratio of any date for people changing from "in a relationship" to "single

Q: Studies show that next to money issues, the second leading cause of marriage issues is what? A: Housework!

Q. mobile security company called Lookout examined stats on when people used their "find my phone" app, looked at where the phones turned up, and figured out the top 10 places you're most likely to lose your phone . . .What is the # 1 place people lose their phones?
#1.) Coffee shop
#2.) Bar
#3.) Office
#4.) Restaurant
#5.) Apartment or condo
#6.) Grocery store
#7.) Gas station
#8.) House or other residential area
#9.) Pharmacy or drug store
#10.) Park

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