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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. ording to USA Today, the average person spends 34 minutes doing THIS on Monday, and 22 minutes every other day. What is it? A: Complaining

Q. According to a new study This is now the most common fear in the world…A. OPHOBIA losing your cell phone

66% of people worldwide have some feeling of anxiousness when they're away from their phone. --That's up from 53% four years ago. They didn't say what the second-most common fear is . . . but whether it's spiders, heights, snakes, being buried alive, whatever, it's not as common as nomophobia.

Q.According to a new survey, this is the Number 1 sign you're a bad date. What is it? A:You're Late

Q. Sophia & Jacob and were the most popular names for babies born in 2011, the Social Security Administration revealed Yesterday. Jacob topped the list for boys names for the 13th year in a row, what was the 2nd most popular boy name in 2011.? A. Mason

• Jacob
• Mason
• William
• Jayden
• Noah
• Michael
• Ethan
• Alexander
• Aiden
• Daniel

For girls:
• Sophia
• Isabella
• Emma
• Olivia
• Ava
• Emily
• Abigail
• Madison
• Mia
• Chloe
Question: (80% of woman do the majority of this) - Only One in 10 Men Do this as often as Their Wives Answer: Housework
A new survey found that 80% of married women do more housework than their husbands. About 10% of men do the same amount, and about 10% actually do more. Only 3% of married women do less than three hours of housework a week.

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