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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. American Women think about THIS 91 times a day . . . for a total of one hour and 19 minutes.

A: Fashion Apparently women spend WAY more time thinking about clothes than you'd think. A new survey found women think about fashion 91 times a day . . . for a total of one hour and 19 minutes. That means they think about clothes or accessories once every 10 minutes and 33 seconds, for a total of about 20 full days a year. --That includes thinking about what they're going to wear, looking at fashion sites, going to stores, or checking out other women's clothes.

Q. The Japanese recently named ramen noodles as the best invention of the 20th Century. What came in 2nd?
A. their second best idea karaoke - ahead of personal stereos, computer games and impossibly small cameras

Q. According to a recent survey 1 in 5 guys had a poster of her on their wall. Who is it?
A: Britney Spears

Q: experts say that the proper length for one of these is no longer than 6 seconds. What is it?
A: A hug!

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