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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday Q&A

Q. (According to a new survey, the average person says 60 things a day that they don't really mean. That's 21,900 times a year . . . or about 1.7 million in your lifetime.) What is the #1 thing we say that we don’t really mean?
A. Maybe (75% of us say "MAYBE" when we really mean "NO". 2.) 60% of us say "I'M FINE" when we're really NOT fine . . . but want the person to stop asking us how we are. #3.) We say "IT'S OKAY" . . . when it's NOT and we're actually disappointed.)

Q A recent survey asked Americans, what is the biggest cause of stress in their lives. The #1 answer was making the mortgage payement every month. What was #2?
A: The in-laws! (#3 holidays, #4 loosing your job and #5 co-workers!) Here's why your in-laws always nag you at family gatherings to move closer. According to a recent study of more than 300 years of church records, married couples who live close to their mother-in-law have more babies. They also get married at a younger age, and have shorter gaps between each child. The researchers say it might be because in-laws are able to help out with raising the children.

Q. According to a recent survey done to find out what men and women think are the biggest turnoffs in the opposite sex. --And here's what MEN think are the biggest turnoffs in WOMEN.
A. Tattoos: 37% of men said this was the biggest turnoff, and 78% had it in their top five.
#2.) Bad Breath: 28%.
#3.) Smoking: 17%.
#4.) Excessive Piercings: 10%.
#5.) Biting Fingernails: 8%.

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