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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. By the 80’s and 90s almost every home had one of these - now only about half of American homes this 1960’s device? What is it?
Answer: An answering machine!

Q. According to the experts you are never more than ten feet from one of these
Answer: Spiders are everywhere ---- They estimate that Up to 1 million spiders can live in your average 1 acre of land

Q. A new survey determined that the most annoying thing people do in an elevator is talking on a cell phone. What is the second most annoying thing?
Answer: Facing the wrong way –Back to Doors.
The other top answers include not holding the door open for people . . . standing too close . . . not stepping off to let people out . . . and. --The survey also found 16% of people INTENTIONALLY hit the "door close" button when they see people approaching from a distance

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