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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q The average American has between 4 -6 pounds of this in storage. What is it?
Answer: Loose change

Q According to a new survey this is the sexiest talent man can possess. What talent is it
A. Play the piano

Q.In 2011 the going rate for one of these was $2.60. The rate has gone up 15% this year. What item is now going for an average of 3 dollars?
Answer. Teeth

-Here's how much kids are getting for their teeth: --3% get LESS than a dollar . . . 7% got less than a dollar last year. --30% get exactly a dollar . . . about the same as last year. --13% get between two and four bucks . . . 18% got that last year. --18% get FIVE dollars, and 8% get MORE than five dollars . . . which is more than DOUBLE last year's number.

Q.In a recent survey 71% of office workers predict these will disappear from offices within the next five years.
Answer: 71% said fax machines, 57% said 9-to-5 hours, 35% said desk phones, 34% said desktop computers, and 27% said nice clothing.

Q: 110 million yards of fabric have been used to make these. What?
ANSWER: Barbie clothes

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