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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. In a new poll on the most honest professions, Congress didn't come in last . . . they came in SECOND-to-last, just ahead of car salesmen. What was ranked the most honest/trustworthy  profession?  
A. Nurses came in first

Q. According to a new study people’s noses and the corners of their eyes get warmer when they do this. What is it?              
A. Lie    They call it the "Pinocchio Effect" . . . but your nose doesn't get bigger, just warmer.  Scientists looked at thermal images of people's faces, and found that their noses got warmer when they lied

Q. KIM KARDASHIAN is she's the highest-rated PERSON for searches online in 2012,But she only came in THIRD on the overall search list Election was #1 What was #2 most searched term in 2012?        
A.   "iPhone 5". 

Q; A new survey says that if you are married you will have this ailment more than if you were single. 
     A: Heartburn

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