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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend on Valentine's Day, Using an Ad at the Deli Where He Eats Lunch

Breaking up with someone on Valentine's Day is pretty rough . . . breaking up with someone on Valentine's Day like this is STONE COLD.

--Yesterday, in Manchester, England, a woman named Laura bought some ad space on a small billboard at the deli where her boyfriend Dan buys his lunch.

--And the ad says, quote, "Dan, I'm leaving you for Gary.  Your clothes are at your mom's and I've changed the locks.  Sorry to do this on Valentine's Day.  Laura."

--We don't really have any more info about Laura, Dan, or Gary the homewrecker . . . all we know is a BUNCH of people spotted the ad, and took photos of it.  But I think we can assume Dan is NOT happy about it.

(London Sun / Gawker)

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