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Friday, February 15, 2013


Last night (February 14th) on American Idol, the final day of Hollywood week began with the remaining 47 women competing in solo performances.

18-year-old Angela Miller decided to sing an original song called "You Set Me Free". She played the piano while performing and the judges who seemed impressed, gave her a standing ovation. Judge Nicki Minaj said "Before today, I'm just being completely honest, I don't think you were in our top, in our brains you know? And it's amazing how you just doing what you do just completely changed that today". Miller did advance in the competition.

20-year-old Zoanette Johnson performed an original song while playing the drums. "Seriously, I think people are going to be looking at this performance for years to come" said judge Mariah Carey. The judges allowed Johnson to move forward to the next round. One of the final performances of the day featured vocal coach Josh Holiday who sang "Georgia on My Mind" and during the performance he split his pants. "We won't forget that one Holiday" said Nicki. With judge Keith Urban stating "You tore it up". Holiday advanced to the top 40.

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