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Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Ways You Shorten Your Life Every Day . . . And Five Ways You Lengthen It

According to research by Dr. David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University, here are five unhealthy things people do every day . . . and how much they SHORTEN your life.

#1.)  Smoking a pack of cigarettes shortens your life by five hours . . . which adds up to two and a half months if you do it every day for a year.      

#2.)  You lose two hours of life expectancy a day . . . or one month a year . . .  just by being a man instead of a woman.  

#3.)  Eating one serving of red meat shortens your life by half an hour . . . or seven and a half days over a year.

#4.)  Watching two hours of television a day also shortens your life by a half hour.  So this season of "The Bachelor" is going to cost you a full DAY of your life.

#5.)  Every alcoholic drink after your first one shortens your life by 15 minutes.

--And here are five healthy things you can do . . . and how much LONGER you live by doing them.

#1.)  Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables in a day adds two hours to your life each time you do it.  That's a month added to your life over a year.      

#2.)  Doing 20 minutes of cardio adds an hour to your life each time . . . or two weeks a year.  

#3.)  Doing another 40 minutes of cardio after the first 20 minutes adds another half hour.  So doing an hour a day will get you three extra weeks of life over a year.

#4.)  Drinking two or three cups of coffee a day will make you life a half hour longer.

#5.)  Drinking ONE alcoholic beverage adds a half hour to your life.  And since each extra drink takes away 15 minutes, that means that, from a life-expectancy standpoint, you can have three drinks a day . . . for FREE.


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