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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo of the Day: KFC Fires an Employee for Posting a Photo of Herself Online Licking a Tray of Mashed Potatoes

Before Facebook, we all only SUSPECTED that fast food workers were effing with our food.  Now we know they DEFINITELY are.

Over the weekend, a KFC employee in Johnson City, Tennessee posted a photo on Facebook of herself at work . . . LICKING the top of a large tray of mashed potatoes.

KFC says that those potatoes were never served to customers . . . but that's not really the point.  The photo makes you question whether YOU'VE ever gotten licked mashed potatoes at KFC.

The employee was fired, and KFC's corporate office says they sent a quality assurance team to the location to, quote, "reinforce and retrain [employees] on KFC's high operating standards."  

(Johnson City Press)


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