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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seven Bad Habits That Drive Your Co-Workers Crazy

We've seen lists before about all the ways you're annoying your co-workers.  But has a new one that's pretty good.  You probably heard some of these before, but here are seven bad habits that drive your co-workers crazy.

 #1.)  Making an Unreasonable Amount of Noise.  Which is an obvious one.  Basically, you shouldn't listen to music unless you're using headphones, or you're in an actual office.

  --You also shouldn't listen to your voicemail over speakerphone, or talk too loud on the phone in general.  And you shouldn't eat chips all day, or do things like snap your gum or chew on ice.

 #2.)  Adding Unnecessary Background Noise During a Conference Call.  Like when someone has music on, or bangs away on their keyboard without muting their microphone.

  #3.)  Being a Source of Strong Smells.  Including "good" smells, like perfume, which can be just as bad as something like garlic if you use too much of it.  And obviously, the MOST offensive smell is body odor. 

  #4.)  Excessive Chit-Chat.  Small talk is fine, just as long as you're not distracting people and preventing them for getting their work done.

 --One way to tell if you're too chatty is to watch the other person's body language.  If you're telling a funny story and their eyes keep drifting to their computer screen, they're probably too busy . . . or they just don't care.

#5.)  Doing Anything That Grosses People Out.  Which ranges from sneezing and not using a tissue . . . to nose-picking . . . to things like sitting at your desk clipping your fingernails.

  #6.)  Physical Contact.  If you're a woman and you have a side-job MODELING or something, you probably won't get many complaints.

 --Otherwise, avoid things like hugging, tickling, poking, back rubs, or anything else that might seem creepy.

 #7.)  Borrowing Office Supplies Without Asking.  In fact, you shouldn't go into someone's desk for ANY reason without asking them first.

 --YOU might not see it as their "personal space," because it's technically the COMPANY'S desk.  But a lot of people DO think of it that way, and they tend to get pretty angry if you start digging through their stuff.

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