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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q: Survey says the most common work pet peeve for men is a coworker with body odor, but for women it’s this. What is it?
A: a coworker who steals credit for their ideas

Q. A new survey revealed that 74% of people  cited money as the cause of most family feuds, BUT  nearly 10% of fights are blamed on this
A. housekeeping
Spring has sprung and it’s time for spring cleaning. Yes, cleaning house is a boring chore but how much do we shirk the work and let the mess get to excess? According to a scientific survey with SC Johnson, the house hold cleaning products company. Here are some of the findings, based on responses from more than 1200 Americans:72% would rather have a partner who’s romantic than a clean freak, but 39% said no way could they love a slob. Surprisingly, the guys were pickier as 44% confessed they couldn’t love a slob, while only 34% of the ladies said fuhgeddaboutit.  69% named hair in the bathroom sink as the number 1 thing that drives them crazy but blobs of toothpaste ran a close second.

Q. When it comes to movie pages on Facebook, "Harry Potter" tops them all with more than 60 million likes.  What Movie follows it with almost 40 million likes?

A. #2"Avatar",  #3 "Twilight", which has almost 39 million.

#1.)  "Harry Potter" . . . more than 60 million
 #2.)  "Avatar" . . . almost 40 million
 #3.)  "The Twilight Saga" . . . almost 39 million
 #4.)  "Titanic" . . . almost 38 million
 #5.)  "Shrek" . . . almost 37 million
 #6.)  "Toy Story" . . . about 31.5 million
 #7.)  "Jackass" . . . more than 26 million
 #8.)  "The Fast and the Furious" . . . almost 26 million
 #9.)  "The Hangover" . . . 23 million
 #10.)  "Transformers" . . . just over 20 million

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