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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nine People Who Were Banned From SNL

Nine People Who Were Banned From "Saturday Night Live"

HIGHLIGHTS: has released a list of Nine People Who Were Banned from "Saturday Night Live".  It includes:  Steven SeagalElvis CostelloMartin LawrenceCypress Hill and Sinead O'Connor.

FULL STORY:  Someone at has put together a list of 9 People Who Were Banned from "Saturday Night Live".  Here are the ones they listed, along with the reason why they were allegedly booted:

1.  The punk band Fear . . . for trashing the "SNL" set back in 1981.

2.  Steven Seagal . . . for being a bad host, and being a jerk to the cast and crew.  He hosted back in 1991.  The next year,Lorne Michaels supposedly told Nicolas Cage that Steven was "the biggest jerk who's ever been on the show."

3.  Adrien Brody . . . for a horrible, 45-second, ad-libbed introduction to musical guest Sean Paul in 2003.

4.  Elvis Costello . . . for playing his politically-charged song "Radio, Radio" in 1977, even though he was explicitly told to play his single "Less Than Zero".  His ban was lifted in 1989, and he's performed several times since.

5.  Frank Zappa . . . for doing a terrible job of hosting the show in 1978.

6.  Martin Lawrence . . . for being extremely filthy in his monologue in 1994.  He dissed the censors, and launched into a commentary about feminine hygiene.

7.  Cypress Hill . . . for lighting a joint onstage, and trashing the stage and their instruments during a performance in 1993.

8.  The Replacements . . . for a bad, drunken performance in 1986.  They missed whole verses, repeated lyrics, stumbled into each other, messed up guitar lines, and screamed obscenities at the audience.

9.  Sinead O'Connor . . . for ripping up a picture of the Pope, looking into the camera, and saying, quote, "Fight the real enemy."

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