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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ventura County Point Magu Air Show

For Tickets & Info go to
or call 805 989 8786


Q. According to new home statistics, the average American home has about 15 of these.


Q. 31% of men said this is the most important trait when it comes to deciding whether a woman is relationship material
A. Loyalty.

25% said a sense of humor , 24% said a sense of caring or nurturing , only 20% said intelligence.


A. AC/DC finished second, making $114 MILLION last year . . . also thanks to a massive world tour. Here's the rest of the top 10:

#3.) BEYONCÉ, $87 million
#4.) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, $70 million
#5.) BRITNEY SPEARS, $64 million
#6.) JAY-Z, $63 million
#7.) LADY GAGA, $62 million
#8.) MADONNA, $58 million
#9.) KENNY CHESNEY, $50 million

Q: Each year, about 18-thousand people get one of these, but don't use it. What is it? HINT: It's not something you can use alone

A: A marriage license. 9,000 licenses are granted that are never used.

Q. Monday is blue, Tuesday is green, Thursday is red, Friday is white, and Saturday is yellow. What do these colors represent?
A. The twist ties on bread based on the day it was baked.

Relay For Life of Ojai is Sat 10am - Sun 10am, July 31 - Aug. 1, 2010 at Nordhoff High School. Want to get involved?
Click here for more info Relay for Life


Q. --62% of woman use this as a measurement to tell if they've gained weight.
A. to use their jeans

--ONE out of every TWO women has a pair of "aspirational" jeans that don't fit now . . . but she hopes will fit one day.
--Women say the worst offense in jeans is having your thong showing. Number two is a muffin top . . . number three are jeans that are way too tight . . . number four are jeans with inconveniently-placed holes . . . and number five are Mom Jeans.

Q. Acording to a sleep study people dream about this more than anything else- what is it?
Psychological Meaning: Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.

Q. This makes us happier, This has been proven to make us nicer , it makes us actually want to help others. In fact we're more likely to answer survey questions from people if this is present. What is it?
Answer: Sunshine.

Q: On average, you'll do this about four times, today. What is it?

HINT: You will do the OPPOSITE thing exactly the same number of times.

ANSWER: start your car


It is that time again...we appreciate you taking the time to
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Section 9. CULTURE AND COMMUNITY - #11 Radio personality # 12. Radio station

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Trace Nealy, Tori Signal, & Max Kady - Your Live 1055 Morning Show



Check Out 51 Different Uses For Coca-Cola . . . Including Removing Blood Stains, Moisturizing Your Skin, And Cleaning Grout?!?!?
The secret ingredients in Coca-Cola are apparently WAY more MAGICAL than we thought. There's a website called WiseBread about how to live the good life on the cheap, and they put together a list of 51 different uses for Coca-Cola.

51 Uses for Coca-Cola – the Ultimate List


Q. 30 years ago this lasted about an it last only about 20 minutes, what is it ?
A.A professional fireworks show

Q: According to the British Psychological Society, people who have at least one of these have a better social support, are more optimistic and have greater coping skills than those who don't have one. One what?
A: A sibling.

Q:According to a recent study - When you are driving there is an easy way to tell if another driver is prone to aggravation. What is it?
A:They have bumper stickers.

Watch out for cars with bumper stickers.That’s the surprising conclusion of a recent study by Colorado State University social psychologist William Szlemko. Drivers of cars with bumper stickers, window decals, personalized license plates and other “territorial markers” not only get mad when someone cuts in their lane or is slow to respond to a changed traffic light, but they are far more likely than those who do not personalize their cars to use their vehicles to express rage — by honking, tailgating and other aggressive behavior.
It does not seem to matter whether the messages on the stickers are about peace and love — “Visualize World Peace,” “My Kid Is an Honor Student” — or angry and in your face — “Don’t Mess With Texas,” “My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student.” The key to the phenomenon apparently lies in the idea of territoriality. Drivers with road rage tend to think of public streets and highways as “my street” and “my lane” — in other words, they think they “own the road.”

Q: 3/4 of American's do this on the first day of their vacation. What is it?
A:Turn around to get something they forgot

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