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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010

Three Things Men Wish Women Did Less
According to Glamour Mag - if guys had their way here are three classic things that would HAPPEN a less. . .

#1.) GETTING READY. Men appreciate the fact that women take the time to put on make-up, do their hair, and look good. But if guys absolutely HAVE to, they can get ready in five minutes. --So an hour in front of a mirror is hard to understand, especially when you're running late, and you have reservations.

#2.) GOSSIPING. Most guys just don't enjoy gossip the way women do. And it might even stress them out. Because when you tell a guy something scandalous about your friend, it's like forcing him to keep a secret for you.

#3.) SECOND-GUESSING THINGS. Don’t read between the lines – believe it or not, men are not that complicated. BUT Ladies we often complicate things unnecessarily. The truth is, unless a guy's lying or trying to be manipulative, Guys usually just say what they're thinking. And they get annoyed when women try to dissect everything

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Totally Trivial Q & A

Q. Dog owners name their pets after this brand name food more than any other. What's the food?

Q: Who is Cavity Sam?

A: The patient in the game "Operation"

Q. Oprah Winfrey tops Forbes' magazine's 2010 Celebrity power list, earning an estimated 315-million dollars. R&B singer Beyonce came in second with an estimated 87-million dollars. Lady Gaga made the list for the first time, and is ranked fourth. Lady Gaga pays someone $3,000 at every venue to look for what?
A. Evil spirits.

Q: A recent survey asked parents what was the most annoying song of all time. The number two answer was Barney"s "I love you, you love me" song. What was number one?
A: "It's a Small World!"

Q. According to a new study by researchers from the University of California at San Diego, Harvard University and Brown University - If you have friends that do this, you are 147% more likely to do this.

A. Divorce

It seems to show that divorce can be CONTAGEOUS. Here are their big findings . . .
--When a couple gets divorced, it makes all the couples around them more likely to get divorced. And not just close friends and family . . . people with TWO degrees of separation . . --Someone with a divorced sibling is 22% more likely to get divorced than someone whose siblings are all happily married.
--Someone with a divorced friend is 147% more likely to get divorced than someone whose friends are all happily married.
--And someone with a divorced co-worker is 55% more likely to get divorced than someone who works with happily married people.
--According to the researchers, there are a lot of reasons why divorce is contagious. First of all, people start warming up to the idea of divorce when they see someone they know actually pull the trigger. --And when someone you regularly talk to gets divorced and confides in you, you start learning about the benefits and drawbacks of divorce. And as the researchers found out, people in shaky marriages are surprised at just how many benefits they see.

Q: American's consume 25-billion of these salty delights a year. What are they?
A: Pickles.
Cucumber pickle factories usually ferment cucumbers in large outdoor vats of salt brine. Surprisingly, these vats have no cover, and are wide open to falling bird droppings, insects, and other airborne objects. But according to Jim Cook, a food scientist with the Minnesota-based pickle manufacturer Gedney, tanks are left open for an important reason: The sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays prevent yeast and mold growth on the brine surface—potentially a much more serious problem than bird droppings. YUCK!


The 77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs has put together a list of The 77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs. According to Spinner, all movies were fair game . . . or at least the "hundreds" that they considered . . . except that MUSICALS were intentionally omitted.

--Here's the Top 10:
#1.) Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody" . . . from "Wayne's World" (1992)

#2.) Eminem, "Lose Yourself" . . . from "8 Mile" (2002)

#3.) Elton John, "Tiny Dancer" . . . from "Almost Famous" (2000)

#4.) The Bee Gees, "You Should Be Dancin'" . . . from "Saturday Night Fever" (1977)

#5.) The Righteous Brothers, "Unchained Melody" . . . from "Ghost" (1990)

#6.) Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes" . . . from "Say Anything" (1989)

#7.) Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, "Old Time Rock and Roll" . . . from "Risky Business" (1983)

#8.) Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On" . . . from "Titanic" (1997)

#9.) Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley, "The Time of My Life" . . . from "Dirty Dancing" (1987)

#10.) Chad Kroeger, "Hero" . . . from "Spider-Man" (2000)

Well . . . I guess things don't have to be good to be "unforgettable"

(You can find all 77 "unforgettable" movie songs, with brief write-ups on each, at, here . . .)


According to GQ Magazine - 42% of married men do THIS in the first 5 years of marriage...What is it?
A: Lose their wedding ring!!!

This profession is universally disliked by children, according to a new poll. What's the profession?
A: Clowns! Source: (Source:

If you like this you may be 2.5 times more likely to become an alcoholic. What is it?
A: Sweets! Scientists think that this may serve as a genentic marker for those who are genetically predisposed to become alcoholics. (Source:

Everybody's heard of this, but only about 20% of us have ever eaten it - what?

77% of women say that if a man shows up with one of these on a first date, there will be no second date...
A: A cold sore!

Adopt a Hero

We are collecting items to include in care packages for our service men and women. Want to help? Here's a list of some of the items we need...
• Baby Wipes - packets are better than tubs.
• Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
• Sunflower seeds
• White Socks
• Boxer Shorts size large
• Chap stick / Blistex
• Seasoning Salt (Lawry's, etc.)
• hard candy
• Smarties or SweetTart candies (for local children who prefer sour style candy to build relationships with community)
• Powdered Energy/Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix (Gatorade, etc.)
• Chewing Gum
• Avon Skin So Soft - great for removing face paint and also reputed to be an effective bug repellent
• Video Games
• AA-cell Alkaline Batteries
• Personal Hygiene Gear: Disposable Razors, Toothbrush and Tooth Paste
• Eye Wash / Drops (Visine, etc.) for flushing dust and sand out of the eyes
• AT&T Pre-paid Phone Card so service member can call home
• Dolls/Toys (for local children who prefer sour style candy to build relationships with community)

Thank you for your help!
You can drop items off at the Live 1055 Studios - 2284 South Victoria. Ventura CA 93001

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q: About one fourth of the U.S. population does this last before going to sleep - Does what?
A: Turn off the cell phone!

Q: In 1938 an American architect meticulously worked out a frequency analysis of the New York Times in order to assign numbers to letters. His system has sold over 100 million products, although he never profited from it. What was his invention?
A: Scrabble

Q. “The Hangover" has become the most-watched movie in the history of On Demand. What is #2?
A. "Twilight"

#3.) "Gran Torino"

#4.) "Four Christmases"

#5.) "The Proposal"

#6.) "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

#7.) "Taken"

#8.) "Knocked Up"

#9.) "Bride Wars"

#10.) "Juno"

Q: According to a behavioral study – doing this will most likely put you in a bad mood in the morning. What is it?
A: Spilling something on your clothes!

Q. This 1960's icon gets hundreds of fan letters weekly, although he's not real - who is it?

A.The Pillsbury Doughboy!

Q. Statistically this is the most dangerous job in America?

A: President of the USA! 9% have been assassinated
New statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor reveal the industry with the highest fatality rate last year: Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. The death rate for miners is also high, along with workers in transportation and warehousing industries and construction.
But the government data doesn’t expose what is, historically, the most dangerous job in America: President of the United States. There have been four Presidents assassinated while in office, which puts the death rate for the job at a whopping 9 percent.
Now imagine if a different job, like coal mining, had a fatality rate of 9 percent. There would be public outcry at lack of safety measures. OSHA would be on the scene every day. There would be a Congressional panel to investigate the situation.

85% Of Kids Fruit Drinks And Snacks Might Contain Lead!!
According to the Environmental Law Foundation. The Bay Area-based environmental nonprofit, tested nearly 400 samples from 150 branded products marketed to children, including apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches (including baby food), and fruit cocktail mixes. The alarming results: 125 out of 146 products—or more than 85%—contained enough lead in a single serving to warrant a warning label under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known as Prop. 65. Check out what products to look out for....


June 10th

A Man Spotted Himself . . . Randomly - In The Background Of His Fiancee's Childhood Disney Vacation Photo !?@?

Alex and Donna Voutsinas are like many couples; they met at work, fell in love and got engaged.
Days before their wedding, the couple was looking at old family photos when Donna came across a picture of herself as a child on vacation at Disney and showed it to her fiancé.
But Alex was more interested in the man walking in the background behind Donna’s smiling family and the character Mr. Smee from Disney's "Peter Pan."
Alex recognized the man in the background because it was his father, who was pushing a stroller during their own family trip to Disney.
Decades before they met as adults, the couple had crossed paths at Disney as kids.
“Just to be in the same picture with my wife when we were basically toddlers, it’s unbelievable,” Alex Voutsinas said.
The encounter is more unbelievable because the two families lived countries apart. At the time the photo was taken, Donna's family was living in Florida and Alex's family called Montreal home.
“I was glad he proposed before the picture,” Donna said, “because I know that it’s because he loves me and not because he thought it was meant to be, it was fate.”

(--Take a look at the photo. Donna is in the pink, posing with Smee from "Peter Pan" and her siblings. Alex's dad is the guy in the blue shirt pushing the stroller in the background . . .)


June 8th

Q: In 1935, Mickey Mouse was the first character to ever appear on one of these.
A: Lunchbox
Mickey Mouse Lunch Kits sold for 15 or 20 cents when new. Today they’ll fetch a few hundred to thousands of dollars.
FYI 1954 Superman is another favorite. It’s the holy grail of lunch box collecting, and priced accordingly. “A mint example sold for $15,000 or $20,000.

Q: The sundial is the time-telling instrument with the fewest moving parts. Which has the most?
A: Hourglass

Q: in the late 14th Century, Chinese emperors ordered this in 2 x 3-foot sheets, this year you'll go through about 50 pounds of it. What is it?
A: Toilet paper. (1 tree produces 100 pounds of TP, so that's roughly half a tree.)

Q: According to Reader's Digest - 7 out of 10 people say they could probably do THIS after seeing it done on TV...What is it?

A: CPR!!!!!!

Q: What incredibly successful website was originally

Founder Jeff Bezos officially launched back in 1994, trading under the name "" -- but Bezos later changed the name to the world's most voluminous river, the Amazon. The oft-quoted reason for the change is that "Cadabra" sounded too much like "Cadaver" -- a human corpse. But, the real reason is a little more believable... Back in the early days of the Internet, when Yahoo! Search dominated all, the first page of results were displayed in alphabetical order.

Q: 239 of these are installed per day worldwide. the first one was installed in London in 1967.

Some experts have the opinion that James Goodfellow of Scotland holds the earliest patent date of 1966 for a modern ATM, and John D White in the US is often credited with inventing the first free-standing ATM design. In 1967, John Shepherd-Barron invented and installed the first ATM in a Barclays Bank in London. Don Wetzel invented an American made ATM in 1968.

June 4th

A few years ago, a guy named Andy Geldman coined the term "Slurl." It refers to an Internet URL that's unintentionally outrageous, offensive or amusing. --Now Andy's released a book collecting the funniest "slurls" from around the web. It's called "Slurls: They Called Their Website WHAT?!"

To save you the money, here are a few of the better ones: -- The website of the Cincinatti, Ohio-based Effective Office Environments. -- Experts Exchange, a site for information technology professionals to share advice. - a website for travel bureau Choose Spain -- The website for The Children's Laughter Foundation in Dallas, Texas.-
www.ilovebigals - the site of Big Al's restaurant.-
http://www.%20i/ P - a company offering I.P solutions-
www.penisland.nett -- Custom pen company Pen Island's website. -- Mole Station Native Nursery, an Australian garden products company.- -- The website for the family-owned Amigone Funeral Home.- -- Therapist Finder, a searchable online directory of California therapists..- - the website for the organization Who Represents, an online directory of publicists for entertainers and athletes.- - the site for the power company in Genoa, Italy- - website for Go Tahoe, a travel site for Lake Tahoe


Just when you thought you couldn't was possibly hate Spencer Pratt anymore ....

June 2, 2010

In case you missed the answer.... Todays Movie Mashup was; The Bucket List & Pink Panther.


Need a great gift for a baby shower??? Check out the MoBoleez. ________________________________________________________________________
June 1, 2010 Totally Trivial Tuesday Question:

According to a recent survey, what’s the most popular day for eating out?
Answer: One’s own birthday! 49% said they eat out on their own birthday than any other day.

Question: What’s the only animal that has unique fingerprints like humans?A: The koala ! They are SO much like human prints that they actually can not be distinguished from human fingerprints.

Question: Last Friday May 28th was the anniversary of this popular 80’s catchphrase? It was first uttered in a movie, then often repeated in an 80’s TV series, and finally was the title for a 2006 reality show??????
Answer: “I pity the fool!” On May 28, 1982 Rocky III was released; In the film Mr. T first said the infamous phrase “I pity the fool”.
Interviewer: Do you hate Rocky? Clubber Lang: No, I don't hate Balboa. I pity the fool, and I will destroy any man who tries to take what I got!

Later it became Mr. T’s catch phrase in the series “A Team”, and finally in 2006 Mr. T starred in the reality show “I Pity the Fool”, shown on TV Land.

Question: Who has received the most Oscars from the Academy?
A. Walt Disney


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