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Monday, October 4, 2010


Want the creepiest Halloween Costume of all? is auctioning the actual mask and robe from this year’s SNICKERS® commercial, and all proceeds will be donated to the SNICKERS® charity partner -- Feeding America.

The robe is very large with a leopard print. The mask was custom made for this commercial, so it's one-of-a-kind.

This is your chance to be a hit at Halloween parties, and donate to a great cause.


Q: What is the most popular costume for pets this Year?
A: Devil
#2.) Pumpkin #3.) Witch #4.) Princess #5.) Angel #6.) Pirate #7.) Hot Dog #8.) Bat #9.) Black cat #10.) Clown

Q. An Australian man recently entered the Guinness book of world for collecting .78 ounces of this?
A. Belly Button Lint

World records don't get much stupider than this, folks. 45-year-old Graham Barker of Perth, Australia has made the for having the world's largest" Guinness Book of World Records" collection of BELLY BUTTON LINT. Every day for the past 26 years . . . since he was 19 years old . . . Graham has picked the lint out of his belly button and put it into a jar. --All told, he's harvested 22.1 grams, or about 0.78 ounces. Which doesn't sound like a lot . . . but since your belly button only collects a tiny amount every day, it takes decades to get that much. --Graham says he picks his lint every day while he waits for the shower to warm up. He says, quote, "The whole process only takes about 10 seconds and has become automatic." --He started collecting his lint when he was bored one night . . . naturally . . . and saw how much was in his belly button. He was curious how much lint a person would produce. And from that, his ridiculous hobby was born.

Q. CBS Is Putting Together A New Show About Regular People Who Have this in common with a celebrity
A. The Same Name As A Celebrity... It’s called "The Same Name", --On each episode, the regular person will "temporarily switch lives" with the celebrity they share a name with. So, it'll be a sort of like "Wife Swap".--"New York" magazine says it could premiere next summer or fall.

Q:This song was the most played song on the radio in the 20th century. What is it?
A: "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers
1. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin',
2. Never My Love
3. Yesterday
4. Stand By Me
5. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Q:, the average one of these is designed to last only 6 months (180 days) but most are used well beyond that. What is it?
A: the bra. According to USA Today


Q. What is Tori Signal's drink of choice?
A. A "Cup-o-Cutty" Sark ;)

Q. According to a recent survey, a woman’s number two bathroom pet peeve is gigantic, disgusting gobs of toothpaste left in in the sink are, what is the top pet peeve?
A. low water pressure.

Q. By the time a child graduates from High School most will have done approximately 1000 times?
A. Eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Q. Researcher say this is the best place to lose your purse or wallet if you want to get it back….

A. Museum. Researchers discovered lost wallets are significantly more likely to be returned to the owner if they are found in a cultural center than anywhere else.

A toddler's life has been saved after a nurse spotted she had cancer by looking at a photo on Facebook.
Nicola Sharp was browsing through friend Michele Freeman's profile when she saw a photograph of Michele's two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Grace.
The flash photograph showed Grace with a white pupil in her left eye instead of the 'red eye' tint most people would have - a sign of eye cancer.
Nicola, 42, who has worked in paediatrics for more than 20 years, immediately contacted Michele and Grace was later diagnosed with retinoblastoma. She was found to have two tumours and lost all sight in her left eye, but the cancer had not spread 'Without Nicola, we don't think we would have discovered there was anything wrong with Grace until she had a routine eye test at school, when things could have been much worse.'

Read more:

TTT 10/12/10
Q: Nine percent of people who work from home have this in common. What is it?
A: they're not wearing anything

Q: While taking a shower Sixty four percent of women say they think about this ? What is it? A: their to-do list

Q. A 24-year-old Philadelphia man won a million dollars on Sunday, for doing this at president Obama’s Speech on Sunday. What did he do? A. Streaked

On Sunday, Juan Rodriguez stripped down with "" written across his chubby torso, and started screaming the Battlecam while Obama spoke. He was arrested for public nudity, but otherwise it looks like he'll be getting away with it., and it's a fairly generic video-sharing website. In fact, none of us would ever have heard of it without this stunt, so I guess it worked. The websites owner has confirmed he'll pay Juan once he sees Juan's friend's video of the streak.

Q. This part time industry generates $3 billion a year and most of the people who run it are armatures. What is it? A. Yard sales

Q: The average worker in the United States complains about this twice a week. What is it?A: the temperature in the office

Q. has released a list of the Top-Earning Men on Primetime TV.
Who do you think tops the list? A. SIMON COWELL

--Here's the Top 10:

#1.) SIMON COWELL, $80 million

#2.) RYAN SEACREST, $51 million

#3.) DONALD TRUMP, $50 million

#4.) STEVE CARELL, $34 million

#5.) CHARLIE SHEEN, $30 million

#6.) KIEFER SUTHERLAND, $20 million

#7.) LAURENCE FISHBURNE, $12 million . . . he's on "CSI" now.

#8.) PATRICK DEMPSEY, $11 million

#9.) HUGH LAURIE, $10 million

#10.) "Law & Order: SVU" star CHRISTOPHER MELONI, $9.5 million


See more here

Lady Gaga is #7 on Forbes Most Powerful Women List

Check out the whole list here
Plastic chemical may boost breast cancer risk

A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, suggests that a toxic chemical known as bisphenol A or BPA, which is commonly found in plastics, may promote development of breast cancer- so check you bottles, and storage containers. 7 is the unlucky number in this case - Look for the tri angle with the number inside if you container has the #7 recycling symbol, it may leach BPA.

Full article: Which plastic water bottles don't leach chemicals? | Trusted.MD Network
Visit Our Health Blogging Network Trusted.MD
TTT 10/05
Q. 5% of Americans will do this in the morning – before they walk out the door

A: Call our own cell phone because we can't find it.

Q. Women are four times more likely to flirt with a guy if he’s wearing this.
A. A wedding ring
Q. Tuesday is the most popular day to do this and in general it happens more often in August than any other month

A. Give Birth

Q. In a recent survey 53% of brides to be said this is the worst thing that could happen on her wedding day.A: Getting a giant zit!
Q A new report says merely holding one of these makes you look dumb!
A.An alcoholic beverage!


YUCK YUCK YUCK! Bed Bugs! Are you planning a vaca? Before you go see if your hotel has bed bugs

Four Places Bedbugs Are Hiding

#1.) HOTEL ROOMS. Before you unpack, pull the sheets down and check the furniture. Bedbugs are small, but you CAN see them.
When they're young, they're about the size of a sesame seed. When they're full-grown, they're about the size of an apple seed. And if they've just feasted on your blood, they'll be bright red.
If you find them in your room, you should probably find a different hotel. But at the very least, ask for a new room, preferably on a different floor.

#2.) DRESSING ROOMS. When you undress, don't throw your clothes on the floor, and don't put them on the bench. Hang them on a HOOK instead. And if you buy something, avoid the urge to wear it before you wash it.

#3.) AT YOUR OFFICE. If one of your co-workers has bedbugs, all you can do is identify the problem as quickly as possible, and let someone know. But "SELF Magazine" ALSO suggests buying a Dust Buster for your work area. Just make sure you're not vacuuming in the middle of the workday while people are making phone calls.

#4.) ON CRAIGSLIST. The only way to be safe is to not buy used furniture, especially bedding or anything upholstered.But if you find a vintage sofa online and you MUST HAVE IT, hire an exterminator and make sure it's not infested before you bring it inside.

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