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Monday, November 1, 2010


TTT 11/30

Q. Scientists have declared 4/11/54 as What?
Answer: The most boring day in history
Researchers claim they have 'officially' discovered the most boring day of the 20th century… April 11 1954. A team of Cambridge scientists say the day was devoid of any major news events or even the birth or death of any famous people. They made the discovery after developing a new search engine which collates 300 million facts and can reveal what happened on certain days in history. Running a script to compare all days from the beginning of the 20th century April 11 1954 was revealed as the most uneventful.

Q. 11% of the work force admits to doing this at the office at least once every month. What is it?
ANSWER: Crying

Q. 1/3 of us do it in the kitchen or dining room and 1/4 do it in the bedroom. What is it?
ANSWER: Wrap Christmas presents

Q. Of America's 5 ½ million streets...this is the most popular 'candy themed' street name. What is it?
Answer: Peppermint

Q. According to historians there were 12 of these aboard the Titanic
Answer: Dogs
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Ready to see if you've got millions of dollars in your future?

According to a new study, if both members of a couple can answer these three math questions right, the odds are you'll be millionaires by the time you're 50. Yep. It's that simple. In the study, spouses who both answered all three of these questions right averaged a combined worth of at least $1.7 MILLION by age 50. Couples who both got all three wrong were worth under $200,000 by age 50.

If Both People In a Couple Can Answer These Three Math Questions Correctly, Odds Are You'll Be Millionaires - here are the three questions

#1.) If the chance of getting a disease is 10%, how many people out of 1,000 would be expected to get the disease?

#2.) If five people all have the winning numbers in the lottery, and the prize is $2 MILLION, how much will each of them get?

#3.) Let's say you have $200 in a savings account. The account earns 10% interest per year. How much would you have in the account after two years?

--The study also found that men are the financial decision makers in 62% of the couples studied . . . and even when the husband did worse than the wife on those math questions, there was a 50-50 chance he was still the financial decision maker.

(source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (--The answers to the math questions are: 100 people . . . $400,000 each . . . and $242.)

Check Out Eight Things Your Brain Is Good At . . . And The Times During The Day When You Should Do Them

From "Prevention" here’s the best ways to use your brain, depending on what time of day it is . . .

BETWEEN 7 A.M. AND 9 A.M. IS A GOOD TIME FOR BONDING. Early in the morning, men and women both have high levels of the "love hormone" oxytocin

BETWEEN 9 A.M. AND 11 A.M. IS THE BEST TIME FOR CREATIVITY. It's true for people in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, but it's especially true if you're older. Once you hit your 50's and 60's, you're much more alert in the morning than at night.--And mid-morning is a good time for creativity because it's when you have moderate levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps you focus.

BETWEEN 11 A.M. AND 2 P.M. IS THE BEST TIME TO GET WORK DONE. Research shows it's when we're most capable of doing several tasks back-to-back without screwing them up.

BETWEEN 2 P.M. AND 3 P.M. IS THE BEST TIME TO TAKE A BREAK. Your body has to digest lunch, so it draws blood away from your brain and redirects it to your stomach. That's one reason you always feel sluggish after a big meal.
--But when you're at work and you CAN'T take a break, drinking a glass of water and walking around for a few minutes can help. Both will get blood moving back to your brain and wake you up.

BETWEEN 3 P.M. AND 6 P.M. IS THE BEST TIME TO COLLABORATE. It's because your brain isn't as sharp as it was in the morning, but you're a little more easygoing because your body is producing less cortisol.--And it's also a good time to work out. Studies show that early evening is when your grip strength, dexterity, and other physical skills are at their strongest. But working out any later can interfere with your sleep.

BETWEEN 6 P.M. AND 8 P.M. IS THE BEST TIME TO SOCIALIZE OR RUN ERRANDS. It's when your production of the sleep hormone melatonin is at an all-day low, which means you should still have plenty of energy left.

BETWEEN 8 P.M. AND 10 P.M. IS THE BEST TIME TO RELAX. It's when your body starts to naturally get ready for sleep, and your melatonin levels start to shoot up, while your serotonin levels start to fade.

AND FROM 10 P.M. ON IS THE BEST TIME FOR SLEEP. But again, this is for an "average" person. And if you start working the graveyard shift, your body naturally adjusts. The important thing is to always get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.

Q. In America THIS symbol is more widely recognized by children than a cross.
A: The McDonald's Golden Arches

It's nearly impossible to overstate the impact of the fast food industry on the nation's culture, economy and diet. "McDonald's Golden Arches are now more widely recognized than the Christian cross."

Q: In 1960 children named this as their favorite game. In 2010, 80% of kids surveyed said they had never played it. What is it?

A: hopscotch

Q. 58 percent of women say they judge other women based on this , what is it?
A: how well they keep their home, they also felt judged themselves.
From a recent survey of 1,500 women:
- 58 percent say they judge other women based on how well they keep their home, and also felt judged themselves. 66 percent feel their cleaning standards were higher than those of others. More than half of women said they had avoided using the bathrooms in other people's homes because they weren't clean enough.

Q: According to a rent study people who lie crave this more often

A: mouthwash
Norbert Schwarz, a psychologist at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research at the Ross School of Business, found those who lied felt a stronger desire for mouthwash

A 14-year-old girl named Michaela Wallace is apparently trying to win Justin Bieber's affection by releasing her own song on YouTube. It's called "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend."

Q: Reportedly 3 p.m. is the best time of day for a woman to do this. What is it?
A: To win an argument

Q: The average mother says this 122 times a year, what is it?

A: Go clean your room

Q. If you're 35 or older, there's a good chance you did this at some point yesterday. What is it?A. Watch the news

Q. According to a new survey, the Cheesecake Factory is now officially the most popular sit-down chain restaurant in the U.S. (not fast food) what was #2?
A. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
1 The Cheesecake Factory
2 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
3 Olive Garden
4 Ruby Tuesday
5 Red Lobster
6 P.F. Chang's China Bistro
7 Longhorn Steakhouse

November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month, so here's a list of six things you can do to keep your brain healthy, no matter how old you are . . .

#1.) KEEP YOUR CHOLESTEROL UNDER CONTROL. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. And in a 40-year study of 10,000 men and women, researchers found that dementia is linked to high cholesterol.
--If patients had high cholesterol in their 40's, but didn't do anything to lower it, they were more likely to develop dementia in their 70 and 80's.

#2.) HAVE YOUR EYES CHECKED. If you have bad vision and you don't do anything about it, your chances of developing dementia increase by 63 percent.

#3.) USE THE INTERNET. Googling something is better for certain parts of your brain than READING is.
--According to researchers at UCLA, searching the Internet stimulates the parts of your brain responsible for decision-making and complex reasoning. Reading doesn't.

#4.) DRINK MORE JUICE. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that people who drank fruit or vegetable juice more than three times a week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer's.

#5.) TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH. Some doctors think memory loss is dictated by how many infections you have in your lifetime. They think the inflammation sends toxic by-products to your brain that kill off brain cells.
--And a study by the University of West Virginia School of Dentistry might back that theory up. According to the study, people with tooth and gum disease . . . which is a type of infection . . . consistently score lower on memory tests.
--And if you don't take good care of your teeth and floss, your gums could be infected for years without you knowing.

#6.) GET MARRIED AND STAY MARRIED. Middle-aged people who get divorced, or who never get married in the first place, are two-to-three times more likely to develop dementia.


TTT 11/02/10
Q. 6 percent of men have done this on the phone. What is it?
A Proposed marriage

Q. 2. According to a survey of 20 something men, President Obama is the best role model for young men in America today, who is #2 ?
A. George Clooney
Fact: Among the total population, there are more 50-year-olds in America right now than any other single-age group, and the second largest single-age group (not counting the stragglers around 50) is 20-year-olds. Fact: If you're looking at only the male population, there are more 20-year-olds in America right now than any other single-age group, and the second largest single-age group is — wait for it — 50-year-olds

Q. It's statistically proven that men are better than women when it comes to this. What is it?
A. Sleeping

Hope your Halloween was Happy!

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