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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Check out Andys audition tape for the next season of Cupcake wars

TTT 2/22
According to a new survey, 28% your fellow Americans think you SHOULD have done this yesterday
ANSWER: Work . They think there are too many federal holidays.

6% of American men do this. 70% of American women do it. What is it?ANSWER: Paint their own fingernails

Popcorn is said to have been introduced by Native Americans to English colonists on this date in 1630. What did some Indian tribes believe the popping noise signified?
ANSWER: An angry god escaping the popcorn kernel

According to a recent report, women who consumed this put on less weight and were less likely to become overweight down the road.
Answer: Drinking red wine, moderately.

TTT 2/15
Q. The average American consumed 24.3. pounds of this last year. A. Candy (That averages out to about one candy bar every one-and-a-half days)

Q. Summertime is the most popular time to buy this at an average price of $94. What is it?A. A wedding gift

Q. According to a recent survey this movie was voted the Most Romantic Film of all Time
A. Casablanca
#2. Titanic #3 Gone with the Wind #4 The Notebook #7 Moonstruck #8 Moulin Rouge #9 The Way We Were #10 Ghost

Q. Sunday was the first time in Super Bowl history we didn't see this, What was it?

A: Cheerleaders
For the first time in the Super Bowl's 45-year history, there will be no cheerleaders on the sidelines.Neither the Steelers nor the Packers have cheerleading squads. Four other NFL teams -- New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions -- also do without.

Q. California leads the nation in manufacturing this followed by Pennsylvania, What is it?
A. chocolate

According to a new survey this is the The Most Common "Stupid Request" That Flight Attendants Hear?
A. "Can you open the window?"

Q. In the Average person lifetime they will have 28 of these...what?
A: 1st kisses

The average American will do THIS, on average, twice a year. And men who wear tight pants will do it more.
A: Pocket dial their cell phone

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