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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Question: In a recent survey 30% of grown woman the say they inherited this attribute from the fathers
Their temper!

Question: According to a new survey – workers think this is the Most Inappropriate Thing to Wear at the Office This Summer
Miniskirts finished as the second-most inappropriate thing to wear to the office during the summer. --Strapless dresses came in third.--Shorts came in fourth

Question: Researchers have found that the more often you hear this word in ads & marketing - The more likely you are to buy the product. What's the word?
Answer: “Time'!"



Q. According to a really interesting new study, Rich People do this 30% More Than Poor People
A. Shoplift(Time)

The study found that Americans who make over $70,000-a-year are 30% more likely to shoplift than people earning $20,000-a-year or less.
Rachel Shteir is the author of a book called "The Steal", which is all about rich people who shoplift. And she says there are two main reasons.
One, entitlement. Richer people develop a sense that it's fine if they occasionally steal lipstick or batteries or whatever because they've spent so much at the store in the past.
And two, RAGE. Shteir says that rich people have trouble handling their little problems . . . they feel like being rich should make those problems go away, and it doesn't . . . so they take their anger out on something impersonal like a store.

Q. According to a new survey, 99% of men say that women should NOT be in charge of making the final family decision on this
A. The family a car. This would be sexist . . . if 96% of women didn't AGREE. The survey also asked who should make major child care decisions . . . and the findings were basically reversed. Less than 1% of women and 10% of men said a man should make the decision

Q. a new study has revealed that this inedible , everyday item could be contributing to your weight gain.
A: Shampoo
According to Paula Baillie-Hamilton, who's an expert on metabolism and toxins at Stirling University in Scotland, your SHAMPOO could be making you chubby. A lot of shampoos apparently contain chemicals like Bisphenol A, phthalates, PCBs, and even traces of pesticides. Those can actually mess with our natural hormone responses and the built-in weight control systems in our bodies . . . and that makes them like, quote, "chemical calories." there HAVE been lab tests that showed lab rats exposed to those chemicals have 10% more fat cells than normal lab rats. --She says that you can potentially cut down on weight gain by switching to organic shampoos

Q. according to a new survey released on Thursday. Because of dismal food satisfaction McDonald's ranked the worst in the hamburger category, they finished just behind who? Who has the 2nd worst hamburger according to the survey?
A. Burger King by Consumer Reports

Q: The typical men spends a month of his life looking for what?
A: Matching socks

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