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Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2011

TTT 6/28/11

Q. This month 3,657 people gathered wearing red-and-white striped shirts and hats, and black glasses to set a world record for what?

A. The most people dressed as WALDO from "Where's Waldo?"

Q. Chuck Norris was statistically ranked as the Worst Actor of the Past 26 Years Who was deemed the worst actress?
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Q. The U.S. Department of Labor just released the results of their annual study on how we Americans use our time. According to their report, the average American spends
A. 4 hours, 24 minutes a day doing this….

Q. Hills Spencer Pratt has been deemed the least appealing Celebrities: who came in right behind Spencer?

A: O.J. Simpson

#1.) Spencer Pratt

#2.) O.J. Simpson

#3.) Rod Blagojevich

#4.) Nadya "Octomom" Suleman

#5.) Jon Gosselin (--Kate also made the list, at #20.)

Q.According a new survey Women Ranked, this as the Biggest Male Body Turn-Offs at the Beach
A. A chubby man in a tiny Speedo.

Q. 1 out of 5 men over 45 have tried this.
A. Viagra


"National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is an annual campaign coordinated by the National Association of People with AIDS to encourage people of all ages to 'Take the Test, Take Control.'

Early HIV diagnosis is critical, so people who are infected can fully benefit from available life-saving treatments. Currently, almost 40 percent of people with HIV are not diagnosed until they already have developed AIDS. That can be up to 10 years after they first became infected with HIV. Finding out whether you are infected with HIV is the first step to improving your health and the health of your partners and your family."

Find a testing center near you by TEXTING your zip code to 566948. Or Vistit

Pink and Carey Hart's week-old daughter Willow Sage posed for her first family photo shoot




Q. This has been scientifically determined to be the most annoying sound in the world…
A. Whining is the World's Most Annoying Sound **** Congratulations Jake Kusay Of Hueneme
--A psychology professor at named Rosemarie Chang just released a study confirming that whining is the most annoying sound in the world. She ran a test where people solved problems while different sounds played in the background. Whining was the most crippling to EVERYONE'S mental abilities

Q: 1 in 10 people have been dumped here?
A: in a Car **** Congratulations Laura Muller of Ventura

Q. What do lady Gaga Natalie Portman & Michael Keaton all have in common?
A. Stage Names - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Natalie Hershlag and Michael Douglas **** Congratulations Julie Aguayo

Q. 1 out 10 people say they've accidentally done this during Sex.
A. Fell out of bed
**** Congratulations Amanda Wolf of Camarillo

The Gift Giver – A True Story

About the Book | The Gift Giver Book

6/13 - Trials & Tribulations
I have been hooked on the news coverage of the Caylee Anthony Case since that beautiful little girl went missing. Now I am gripped by the ongoing Anthony Trail. Will Tot Mom Be found guilty of murder? Today I will be talking with Ritanita of @ 9:15 - Ritanita has been live blogging the trial every step of the way. We'll hear a summary of last week's testimony and who took the stand today. Trials & Tribulations


KATY PERRY has released an eight-minute music video for "Last Friday Night". She posted it on, and it has Katy as her geeky character, "Kathy Beth - and cameos by Rebecca Black, Hanson, Corey feldman, Debbie Gibson, Kevin McHale from "Glee", and Kenny G.

Want Disneyland Tickets? Listen Tomorrow Morning Between 6-8am for your next chance to win!!!

Check out the new commercial for Star Tours it is GREAT!


TTT -6/7/11

Q. If you do this more than 40 Minutes a day , You're 40% More Likely to Get Divorced
A. Commute
Here are three more job-related factors that predict how likely you are to get divorced:

#1.) The Guy Makes Less Money Than His Wife. According to a study at Western Washington University, couples are 38% more likely to get divorced if the wife makes more than 60% of the total income.

#2.) The Woman Doesn't Work at All. Couples stay together longer if both people work, and it's because of two main reasons:

--First, they have more money, which makes paying the bills less stressful. But they also tend to feel more fulfilled because they both have careers instead of just their personal lives.

#3.) You're a Bartender, a Massage Therapist, or a Choreographer. According to a study at Radford University in Virginia, those three jobs have the highest divorce rates due to long hours and erratic schedules

Q. Celine Dion was the most frequent celebrity guest on the Oprah show—with 27 appearances, Chris Rock was #2 with 25. Who was Oprahs 3rd most frequent celebrity guest?
A. Halle Barry

Q. Women only do this a few times a week but guys do it on average 3 times a day – my husband never does it…
A. Check their Zipper

Q: What was the first consumer product purchased on an installment plan?
A: A sewing machine! . It was purchased by Margaret Hellmuth of New York for $50 down, with the remaining $100 paid in six monthly installments. Later customers were able to buy machines for $5 down and payments of $3 a month.

How to Prevent E. Coli |

Eat cooked meat. This includes any and all meat, but especially ground meats, such as ground beef, pork and turkey. The grinding process opens the door for further contamination, so cooking these meats thoroughly is extremely important.

Use a meat thermometer. Some meats can turn brown before they are actually cooked properly. Using a meat thermometer ensures the meat has reached a safe temperature. Ground meats should reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Insert the thermometer in multiple locations of the meat to ensure even, thorough cooking. Wash the thermometer between readings.

Send a burger back at a restaurant if it comes to your table undercooked. Ask for a new bun, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese in case of cross-contamination.

Wash your hands after handling raw meat. Using hot, soapy water, wash before handling cooking utensils, dish towels, counters and refrigerator handles. Scrub for at least 15 seconds, making sure to clean underneath fingernails. Wipe down the faucet with an antibacterial cleanser to remove trace bacteria.

Use a different plate to bring cooked foods in from the grill. Using the same plate that carried the raw meat out to the grill to bring the food back inside can cross-contaminate and defeats the purpose of cooking the meat thoroughly.

Drink pasteurized beverages only. This includes milk, juices and ciders. Most drinks sold at room temperature in glass or cardboard container have been pasteurized. Check the label to be sure.

Keep pool and lake water out of your mouth. Drinking this water can cause E. Coli infection. Municipal water that has been treated with chlorine is the only safe bet.

Teach children the importance of hand washing. A sick child (or adult) who doesn't wash his hands after a bowel movement, especially E. Coli-induced diarrhea, can spread the bacteria throughout the house in a matter of seconds. Door handles, toys, cups and other highly touched items should be wiped down with antibacterial cleaners often.

Read more: How to Prevent E. Coli | to Prevent E. Coli |


Michael Collaso April 13, 1993- May 22, 2011.

Michael Collaso Memorial Paddle Out
Location: Pt. Hueneme Pier and Beach
Time: ‎9:00AM Saturday, June 4th
Following the paddle out there will be Polynesian dancers in memory of Michael.
Services will be held at 2:00 at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 755 Bard Road, Port Hueneme, CA



Calling people of all shapes, sizes, creeds and orientations who believe in the right to express their love for another person openly.

Director Graham Streeter invites you to be part of a first ever city-sized Love Mob as the people of Ventura CA and friends, fans and family show support for Marriage Equality.

Join 6-time Grammy-nominated saxophonist/vocalist Dave Koz as we shoot his newest music video in the Figueroa Plaza in Historic Ventura for his up-coming single "This Guy's in Love With You"!

“It’s a simple statement of love. That's what this song is all about. Being bold enough to love whoever you wish, show some vulnerability and truly celebrate moving beyond our fears.” Dave Koz.


Simply show up on June 5th, from 9:00am - 11:30am

INSTRUCTIONS: Just show up on the day. Bring your ID so you can register. Be prepared by learning the song online at


Figueroa Plaza in the City of Ventura (Located just East of the Clocktower Inn, 181 East Santa Clara St. Ventura, CA 93001) (805) 652-0141


We will assemble into groups and be given instructions on how to be part of a singing love mob.


You're presence on camera implies you believe in equal rights to love & marry regardless of sex, race, religion and creed.


Come dressed in solid bright colors. Think fabric commercial. Bring a bright solid colored umbrella if there’s even a slight chance of rain!


18 or younger must submit CONSENT FORM at registration.


18 and over Participants are invited to My Florist after the shoot to meet up with Dave Koz and all the “Mobsters”! My Florist is located just a short walk away. (76 South Oak Street, Ventura CA 93001) (805) 653-0011


visit www.ImperativePictures.comSee More


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