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Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Lies to Keep Your Relatives Away During the Holidays

#1.) Say You're Out of Town. The most popular lie is pretending to go out of town. More than one in three liars have used that excuse in the past. (--People in the survey could choose more than one lie.)

#2.) Fake an Illness. One in three people have faked an illness to keep loved ones away. (--I like this one . . . it seems like you have the lowest chance of getting caught. Some of the other ones would be pretty easy to disprove.)

#3.) Say There's Not Enough Room. One in three people have claimed they didn't have another bed available in their home. But if your relatives know you have extra bedrooms, this seems like a pretty risky lie. So try this . . .

#4.) Say You're Already Booked. One in five people said that they were already hosting OTHER visitors.

#5.) Say You're Renovating. One in seven said their relatives couldn't stay . . . because they were doing HOME RENOVATIONS.

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