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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Question. A new poll is ALREADY out with the Christmas songs people HATE THE MOST. Number one was the barking dogs version of"Jingle Bells". On the opposite side, what was voted the most BELOVED Christmas song this year?
A. It was "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"by ANDY WILLIAMS, who just died in September at age 84.

Question: A new survey figured out the top 10 day-to-day things that make people happy. Having a good meal came out on top. What was #2?

A. Buying yourself something like clothes or a new gadget, 28%.

#3.) Hanging out with friends, 27%.

#4.) Someone innocently flirting with you, 26%.

#5.) A good cup of coffee, 22%.

#6.) A surprise dinner from your significant other, 20%.

#7.) Having time to relax while you catch up on websites or news, 11%.

#8.) Getting a high score on a video game or app, 8%.

#9.) Getting a text message, 5%.

#10.) Catching up with friends on Facebook, 3%.

Question: 72% of women and 65% of men say they LOVE IT when their significant other does this – just as long as it doesn’t happen all the time.

The main reason? We interpret jealousy as CARING. So if your significant other ISN'T jealous once in a while, it can be a sign they don't care.--The survey also found 67% of both men and women admit they get jealous in their relationship.

Question: 22% of men think THIS is the reason they're single...
A. Their crappy car

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