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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five Types of Annoying People, and How to Deal with Them

Mondays are annoying in general.  But they're even worse if you run into one of THESE people.  Check out this list from of five annoying types of people, and how you should deal with them.

#1.)  Line-Cutters.  Your first option is to just ignore them and let them cut in.  But if you can't let it slide, do three things:  First, make sure you don't act angry or they'll get defensive.

--Next, ask someone else if they saw the person cut, so you have some back-up.  Then confront the person about it as soon as possible, because if you wait five minutes, they'll be even more defensive about it.

#2.)  People Who Love Arguing, Even When They Know They're Wrong.  This one's tough, because you're dealing with someone who's irrational.  So the best approach is to try avoiding the argument altogether.

--If you decide to argue away, just make sure you're right, or they'll be even more adamant during your next argument.

#3.)  Overbearing Family Members.  The best thing to do is set clear boundaries so they don't get under your skin too much.  But since you don't want to create drama, you also have to choose your battles and let some of the small stuff slide.

--That's especially true if you'll only be around them for a short period of time, like Easter Sunday or Thanksgiving.  But if it's someone you see all the time or live with, then you HAVE to say something so they don't drive you crazy.

#4.)  Friends Who Are Never on Time.  If you want to teach them a lesson, just stop waiting for them.  For example, if you're supposed to have dinner with friends, the whole group shouldn't sit there hungry just because one person is late.

--Obviously if it's a one-time thing, then you SHOULD wait for them.  But if you stop waiting for someone who's chronically late, they'll eventually adjust their behavior.  Or there's a chance they'll just get angry and say YOU'RE a jerk.

#5.)  Noisy Neighbors.  Chances are they don't know they're being so loud.  And if you just knock on their door and ask them to keep it down, they will.

--Or if it's late at night and you don't want to actually confront them about it, it's okay to bang on the wall a few times.

--Just don't call the building manager or the cops unless you absolutely have too.  Because you're almost guaranteed to make an enemy if you do.


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