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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Totally Trivial Tuesday

Q. I have the results of a brand new survey on what turns  a woman on the most and guess what biggest turn-on in a man is MONEY! What is the second biggest?

A. Status, #3 looks, #4 being trust worthy , and #5 dynamism.  Which I didn't even know was a word.

Q. The #1 most watched Network TV season finale was M.A.S.H  with 105.9 million viewers, What is the the #2 most viewed?

A. Cheers 80.4 mil

Q.According to a survey 14% of people have bought something just because it was considered a status symbol  and one in four of them went at least $7,500 into debt to get it.   According to this survey the biggest status symbol is a nice house. What did they list as the second biggest status symbol?

#2.)  A 50-inch TV . . . or larger.
#3.)  An iPad.
#4.)  A $100,000 salary . . . and a husband or wife who earns that much too.
#5.)  A second home . . . and $22,000 in savings.
#6.)  Being able to send your kids to private school.
#7.)  A nanny . . . gardener . . . cleaning person . . . dog walker . . . or personal trainer.
#8.)  A sports car like a Ferrari, Mercedes or Porsche . . . and also a convertible.
#9.)  Knowledge of fine wines.
#10.)  Personalized license plates.

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