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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Britney Spears Vs.Demi Lovato ?

Uh-oh. Is there drama between these X-FACTOR ladies??
Britney Spears has, reportedly, been brushing one of her former judge-mate Demi Lovato off! She’s not even picking up or returning the Heart Attack singer’s calls!
YIKES! That does not sound good!
A source revealed to the National Enquirer (hmm…):
"Brit was so upset X Factor producers had cooled on her - but kept Demi on - that she X'd out her X Factor pal.”
Apparently, this could even “send Demi around the bend.”
Hmm, well, we have to say Demi’s been looking better and healthier than ever! And Brit Brit's too old for these types of antics, but could this be true??
Of course, there are those close to Demi, "there is no truth” to these rumors and we have to say, we're more apt to believe the latter rather than the former. Brit Brit isnt' the kind to hold grudges. And let's be fair here — with her two boys, a new album and a Vegas residency in the works, Brit Brit doesn't have TIME for grudges!
Britney loves everyone and everyone loves Britney. We bet if you asked her and Demi, they would both tell you the same thing. So relax!

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