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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Katy Perry Is Pulling A Taylor Swift "New Album About Ex Lovers"

 Katy Perry is part-way done with a NEW ALBUM!! We’re sure it’s going to be GREAT!!
She certainly has picked up a lot of material to fodder her writing thoughout the past few years, so of course everyone’s been wondering if her divorce with Russell Brand or her split with John Mayer will play a role in her work.
And the answer is… ABSOLUTELY!!!
She revealed the following:
"Maybe I'm not specific with names, but that's my lockbox where all my secrets go. Writing is like therapy. [My songs] stem from the truth inside of me. I just want songs to be relatable, and to be adopted as someone else's soundtrack."
So, by saying she’s not specific with names, she obvi is writing about specific people whom she simply chooses not to name. Also, double rainbows Which we think is great!!
ESPECIALLY if it helps her get through all the rough patches she’s been through!
Totes looking forward to deeply analyzing every single lyric and trying to guess which song is about who!
Betting Russ and John aren’t nearly as excited as we are though, ha!!!

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